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Eastwood Alumni Association/Eagle Way Hall of Fame


The Eastwood Alumni Association congratulates the 2018 Eagle Way Hall of Fame Inductees!
Dr. Tom Bowlus, Charles Kurfess, Randy Gardner, Helen Rolfes. 

All Eastwood Alumni Association members are invited and encouraged to attend our next scheduled meeting on January 31st at 6:30 pm in Pemberville, Ohio at Higher Grounds.  We invite new members to join the Alumni Association at the meeting by paying their lifetime dues of $ 20 for Eastwood Alumni and $50 for Non-Eastwood alumni

EAGLE WAY HALL OF FAME (EWHOF) is a non-profit organization that exists for charitable and educational purposes. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to promote the education process and environment in the Eastwood School District and to establish an alumni data base. The Hall of Fame is also to honor distinguished alumni and citizens of the community.  A requirement for submission of a nominee is to become a member of the Eastwood Alumni Association.  See below for membership information. 



Eastwood Alumni Association is seeking new members  If you are a graduate from the pre-consolidation of schools or Eastwood, the cost is $20 for a lifetime membership.  For non-graduates of Eastwood, the cost is $50 to join the Alumni Association.  Make your check payable to: Eastwood Alumni Association.  Checks can be brought to an EAA meeting or mailed to Eastwood Alumni Association, c/o Joyce Brinker, 7100 Sugar Ridge Road, Pemberville Oh 43450.

Membership shall be granted to any alumni or non-alumni who meet the criteria for membership. Click here for more information regarding Alumni Association membership.  Click here to access the EWHOF nomination form



The Eagle Way Hall of Fame Board Members

Dr. Ted Bowlus , President
Dennis Henline , Vice President
Joyce Brinker, Secretary
Betty Kahlenberg, Treasurer
Members at Large:
Mary Jo Bish 
Melinda Juergens
Julie Luther
Jerry Sandwisch

Please consider attending one of our meetings and be a part of the Eastwood Alumni Association as we strive to honor and recognize the people who have helped make Eastwood an exemplary school district .


Bylaws of the Alumni Association of Eastwood High School

Bylaws of the Eagle Way Hall of Fame