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This Weeks Eagle Winner!

            I'm a Luckey Leader in the Eagle Way.


                            Congratulations Cassi !


Mrs Walters Hands Out Recorders.

All of the 4th graders will be performing a demonstration concert for the 3rd grade students on Thursday, March 24th at 1:45 in the Luckey gym. This is open to visitors as well. 

How exciting for the fourth grade class! Students start learning the music using new recorders of their very own.


Hot Cross Buns...Hot Cross Buns...Remember that one?..see more recorder players by clicking READ MORE..........

Play the Bass Metallophone and Glockenspiels with Third Grade.

  Play along to the winter song called "Knock No More".


Thanks Mrs. Walters for the tunes.

How Big is A Penguin?

Just ask Ms. Grubers Second Grade Class.............The class has been learning all about penguins.  They pretended like they were penguins by walking with a penguin egg balanced on their feet.  They also compared how tall they are to the height of the tallest penguin, the Emperor Penguin.   

Click READ MORE to see the penguins.................

Ms. Schmidt's Double Trouble Math

Kindergarteners use different strategies to solve addition problems.


Want more help with your kindergarten math? Click READ MORE to find out other kindergarteners that know their addition!

Yummy Kindergarten with Mrs. Coger

Chocolate Chip Addition and Snowman Sentence Structure.


Kindergarteners use cookies and snowman for math addition, site words, sentence structure, handwriting, and fine motor skills.

Click READ MORE to practice with us!

Mrs. Walter's Music Makers

 Mrs. Pease's 1st graders using various instruments practice a song for their upcoming music program "The Music In Me" which will take place on Tuesday, March 22nd at 7pm in the EHS Auditorium. This will include all Kind. and 1st grade students from Luckey. The public is invited as well as to the dress rehearsal at Luckey on the 21st at 2:15 or the dress rehearsal at the H.S. on the 22nd at 10:00 am. 


Click READ MORE to see more musical talent.....

Research Time with Mr. Wards Class

        Students use netbooks to check out the news: is a great place for students to find out current events and more.


Of course always start with the school web site for the latest school news.

Click READ MORE to find out who else needs to know............


Future Inventors.

Ms. Gruber's second graders have been studying famous inventors.  They then created their own inventions.  Some of the inventions were slingshots, bird houses, speakers, kindle stands, and musical instruments. 


So you want to be an inventor? Click READ MORE to find out about our inventions.......

First Grade > From liquids to solids

Mrs. Pease's first grade class turned whipping cream into butter.  Students are studying states of matter: solids, liquids and gases and the students had to shake the liquid for 5 minutes until it was a solid.  They enjoyed their butter on top of crackers.


See the rest of the experimenters by clicking READ MORE..


Calculator Time

Mrs. Selhorst’s first graders use calculators to count by twos, fives and tens. Wow!


Click READ MORE and see who else is using a calculator......

Second and Third Grade Musical

It was an all around great day! Our play practice and evening performance was a big success!


Art Class with Mrs. Gullufsen

Students are working on the decorations for the 2nd and 3rd grade Musical.


 Click read more to see the finished results..............

UP UP and the Eagle Way!

Soar with the eagles this month. We are happy to highlight the following students who recieved their eagle way t-shirt on Wednesday.


To see everyone that recieved a shirt click








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