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Directions: make a 4 by 9 array

Mrs. Sandberg's third grade math fun:                                                     


"I made a 4 by 4 array. I knew it was 16. I wanted to double it, so I tried to make a matching 4 by 4 array. I had a 4 by 5, so I took one row off. Then I doubled 16 and got 32, and added the other 4 to get 36."

 By Madison

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Operation! "Contraction" operation that is.

Mrs. Kramer’s second graders perform “contraction surgery”.

Do you have a “contraction” that needs medical attention? 


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Math Enrichment with Mr. Godfrey

Eastwood "retired" teacher Mike Godfrey provides math enrichment and acceleration opportunities to identified Eastwood elementary students several days a week.



Congratulations Honor Roll Students! Mr. Ward's Class

4.0 -
Marcela Hernandez, Justin Lange, Elden Slack, Andrew Pena

3.5 – 3.9 - Jordan Kieper, Cameron Sechkar, Aidan Freeland, Makenna Weitzel, Skylar Roberts, Ian Sibbersen, Luke Brinker

3.0 – 3.4 - Lila Kiefer, Ella Speck, Dane Snyder, Jadyn Lubash, Ryan Bigelow, Blake Hitchcock, Lily Landis, Gavin Conrad

Congratulations Honor Roll Students! Mrs. Schaffner's Class







4.0 and Higher Avery Patchett ,Haley Sponaugle ,Adam Stolar , Sammy Strauss

3.50-3.99Sarah Albright, Logan Brinker, Jordan Durbin, Eliana Ickes, Cassi Kieper, Luke Puhala, Ian Reynolds ,Lillian Rowe, Jimmy Russell ,MaKaylee Saam Kaiden Sanchez ,Maria Santos ,Delaine Zura

3.0-3.49 Nathan Pustay, Hannah Ruch

Mrs. Schaffner's fourth graders.

Using the variety of technology to solve math problems or make a graphic design!


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"Whoo Whoo" is it?

Ms. Gruber's Class wants to know "whoo" is it? Descriptions in sentence writing. “Who” is it writing assignment. Check out these fun riddles.


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Mrs. Gullufsen's Art Class

Using primary colors to make secondary colors.   

Mrs Selhorst's first graders used clay to make simple shaped fished based on the book Rainbow Fish. We reviewed color mixing (using primary colors to make secondary colors). Students had to make a color fish family by having two fish that were primary colors and the other fish being the mixed color that the two colors made.  These pictures are showing the students using the color wheels and paints to finish their clay fish families.  

Tomorrow they are using ripped paper, sand paper, and shells to create the fish environments.  :)

to be continued.........                          click READ MORE to see more artist at work

Pumpkin Time.......with Ms. Gruber's second graders


Pumpkin Stories and a fresh pumpkin to go with READ MORE to see who else celebrated the pumpkin season.

Luckey Elementary Breakfast with Local Veterans


Luckey students honored local veterans by hosting a breakfast. Student council made placemats and classrooms made decorations.  Letters of appreciation were given to the guest of honor. Fourth graders presented patriotic songs and a program.

Thank You to all our veterans who joined us for the morning.


Click READ MORE to visit our breakfast and presentation.

Election Day in Kindergarten

                                      I voted!

          Miss Schmidt’s class learning how to vote.


First Grade Riddle Fun.

                         Boo! Is anyone there?

                                 Sentence writing with a riddle. 




                         First Graders Write a Riddle for you.

To see our ghost click on READ MORE..........

BGSU Treehouse Troupe

BGSU Treehouse Troupe sharing the talent of the BGSU Theatre Department.


                     A live theatre performance can be very exciting.


What is the difference between a live theatre show and television? Students at Luckey Elementary had the opportunity to enjoy a live theatre performance, and find out how a theatre group brings a story to life. 


I “mustache” you a question!




Mrs. Kramer’s second grade class practices sentence writing.

Now I “mustache” you to keep looking because we also research spiders and investigate pumpkins!  Click READ MORE to see these activities.

Reading Buddies Fun

Ms. Gruber's second grade has fun with their Kindergarten reading buddies.

We made a bat craft and ate mummy cupcakes to celebrate Halloween with our reading buddies from Mrs. Coger's class.     

Going batty....

Mr Ward's class learns some Technology Skills.

Tech Time!

Learning to use the netbooks.  First up checking my school e-mail.  Now what is Infohio?  


Click on READ MORE and see more of Tech Time fun.......

Sneak Peek with the Sandusky County Park District

Sandusky County Park District makes a visit to the Second Grade Classes

Students were excited to see a variety of live animals. Here to visit was a turtle, rabbit, snake, toad and even a bat!

Other items to see and feel were the animal furs, shells and snake sheds.

Next for the second grade classes of Ms. Gruber and Mrs. Kramer is a field trip to the Sandusky Park District. Can’t wait!


Take a look at the rest of the read more

Eagle Shirts

                               Eagle Way Shirt Recipients:


Students earned an Eagle Way shirt for an outstanding start to the school year. Click READ MORE to see who recieved a shirt.

Mrs Pease's First Graders learn about Columbus Day.

Columbus set sail with three ships…….


To set sail with us and meet the crew click on Read More.

First Grade is for the Birds!

Along with our study of observing and caring for animals, the 1st graders used peanut butter and bird seed to make pine cone bird feeders. We also had a close up view of homing pigeons and watched their release.



Click on read more to see more of this fun activity.


What is happening in library this week?

Learning to use a bookmark...first you have to make a bookmark!


Keep looking for those bookmark more

Third Grade Writers

    How to blow a bubble in three easy steps........learn here:


Check out more bubble on READ MORE

Third Grade Math Skills


The five strategies that we will be studying for multiplication. 
"When you're stuck, pick a strategy to help you get an answer."

To see who is working on math skills click on READ MORE

Third Graders are "wrapped" up in books....Mrs Hartman's Class

Get "wrapped" up in a book with Mrs. Hartman's third graders!

Click READ MORE to see who is wrapped up with a book.

EnTeR if YoU DaRe! Mrs. Sandberg's Third Grade


 Enter Mrs. Sandberg's third grade Math Stations...FrAnKly FuN!.....

                 To see all the math fun click READ MORE. if you dare....

Miss Gruber's Second Graders

Second Graders used candy corn to compare three digit numbers.  

To see more candy corn counting click on READ MORE.

Mrs. Kramer's 2nd grade class


Mrs. Kramer's second grade class baked up some "synonyms". For more "synonym" bakers click READ MORE

Luckey School Safety Patrol

                                 Safety Patrol Members for 2015-16

First Row: Cameron, Zoe, Liberty, Delaine, Samantha, Alayna, Makenna. Second Row: Eliana, Elden, Ian, Jordan, Nathan, Skylar, Casssandra. Third Row: Dane, Justin, Luke, Aidan, Logan, and Blake 

3rd Grade Student Council Members

First Row: Mia, Kaydence, Second Row: Ian, Brady, Aaron, and Ethan.

             Congradulations to these new Student Council Members.

4th Grade Student Council Members

First Row: Cameron, Jadyn, Delaine, Second Row: Elden, Kaiden, and Logan.

                         Congratulations to these new members. 








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