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Brent Welker

Brent Welker

Dear Community Members:


The calendar says spring has arrived, but I would much rather walk out the front door and experience it myself!


The rest of the school year can be divided now into two parts. We have the testing window which will launch next week with state assessments in all three buildings followed by the race to the finish marked by all sorts of special events and field trips.


I have several items for you this week including the March Financial Report.




Next week students in grades 3-11 will begin the state assessments. Information has been or will be shared through the buildings on dates for the wide battery of tests. Please make sure kids get the appropriate rest and nutrition so they can do their absolute best. While not the sole determining factor that measures the academic success of a student or a district, they do matter. We do not want kids to be anxious, but we do expect them to do their best. These tests are rigorous and taxing, so we need students to bear down and give their best all the way to the end! That is all we can ever ask!




On Friday, 8th grader Xander Ramsey will represent Eastwood at the state geography bee in Columbus. Xander joins students from across the state who will be competing for a chance to go to the National Bee in Washington DC. He qualified by winning the local bee, and he qualified out of a regional bee with seven other area students. The Bee is sponsored by the National Geographic Society. On behalf of Eastwood Schools GOOD LUCK XANDER!




Today we learned that HS Science Teacher and Track Coach, Nikki Sabo, lost her father to cancer. Nikki and Brian have dedicated so much of their lives to our students and athletes, and I am sure there are many who will want to pay their respects. On behalf of everyone at Eastwood, we send Nikki, her mom Linda, sister Amy and all the family our deepest sympathies.




As we have discussed in the last couple of weeks, we are looking to replace our Permanent Improvement Levy in May. Attached is an information sheet regarding the cost and uses for the new funds.


I understand that no one likes new taxes of any kind, even a request as small as this one. However, please remember that Eastwood CUT taxes in 2015 effective for 2016 when we did not replace the Emergency Levy that collected roughly $900,000 per year. That levy was collecting 3.1 mills when it expired. If we replace this levy, the overall tax millage going to Eastwood Schools would still be 2.0 mills less than what we collected starting in 2016.  Replacing the levy will mean that we will move from having the lowest property taxes in Wood County to the second lowest by a faction of a mill.




We are now 75% of the way through the fiscal year and several important benchmarks have been achieved. After the month of April, we will have collected all the local taxes for the year and other than state funding and some odds and ends that part of the district’s financial ledger will be complete.


By this time in the year, the trends have been established and you really see where you are with regards to your budget.


Here are the YTD numbers comparing our estimates vs. actual revenues and expenses.


Eastwood Schools Financials

Tuesday, April 03, 2018



FY 2018

$$ change

% change

General Property Tax





Tangible Personal Property Tax





Income Tax





Unrestricted Grants-In-Aid* Includes SFSF





Restricted Grants-In-Aid





Property Tax Allocation





All Other





Advances / Other

















FY 2018

$$ change

% change

Personnel Services





Retirement / Insurance





Purchased Services





Supplies / Materials





Capital Outlay





Other Objects





Advances / Transfers



















First of all please note that for the year our revenues are about 2% ahead of projections and our expenses are roughly 2.66% below Mr. McCracken’s estimates. I terms of dollars this looks impressive that our budget is $663,585 ahead of our forecasts, but in percentage terms it is a much smaller differential.


I will tell you that in the coming months this is going to tighten and not look nearly are good as it does now. Here are some reasons why.


1.      We are replacing our reading series for grades K-5 and it is going to come in over budget. It has been several years since we purchased a reading series for elementary, and materials have not quite doubled since our last adoption. That said, I think the teachers are doing an excellent job or trying to chart a path that will help our young readers develop the skills to learn how to read as well as the ability to read to learn.

2.      Professional Development – We are going to be doing a significant amount of professional development in June. We will be working with a consultant on integrating our new reading series into a coherent curriculum guide. He will also be working with our math teachers in grades K-8 to align curriculum, assessments, and rigor. We will also be working with an organization who will help us create a stronger school culture that will improve behavior skills that students must develop to be successful in work/life. There will only be three workdays in June after we let out that will NOT involve some group working to improve how we educate students at Eastwood. This is going to impact salaries and Purchased Services.


The good news is that we should come in ahead of projections for the year on our budget.




There is a flyer attached for the 3rd Annual Eastwood Track Mattress Sale. This will be held on April 28th. See the flyer for more information.


Brent Welker, Superintendent
Eastwood Local Schools
4800 Sugar Ridge Road
Pemberville, Ohio 43450

"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow." - John Dewey


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