Superintendent's Message

Brent Welker

Brent Welker

Dear Community Members:


Good Tuesday morning to everyone.


I have a couple of notes for you for the coming week.




On Monday morning the Board of Education held its Organizational Meeting, and newly elected member AJ Haas was sworn in along with incumbents Sherri Sheffler, Denny Helm, and Jim Rogers. AJ is a 2003 graduate of Eastwood HS and lives outside of Troy Township with his wife Rebecca and their sons Hudson and Brooks. AJ will be serving on two important Board/Superintendent Committees – Board Policy and Technology. Welcome Aboard!


In addition Sherri Sheffler was elected Board President and Denny Helm was elected Board Vice President for 2018.




Congratulations to the Cheerleaders for another very successful Jump Over Cancer event where they raised another $7,600 for the American Cancer Society. They have raised over $53,000 in the last nine years. So proud of these ladies and for the community for supporting this event!




The annual meeting for those students interested in participating in College Credit Plus will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10th, beginning at 7:00 PM in the HS Auditorium. Please contact the High School for more information at 419-833-3611.




We are halfway through the fiscal year. So far things are moving along the lines we expected. In the next couple of months residents will receive their tax bills from the county auditor. Homeowners will most likely see increases as the new appraisals on their homes and land reflect increases in property values.


One item of note is that Eastwood’s TOTAL millage collected on Residential and Agricultural land is 22.19 mills which is the lowest of all Wood County Schools. Elmwood is next at just 22.85 mills. The lowest possible millage rate for schools in Ohio is 20 mills.


The chart below shows our current year financials as compared to last year.


Eastwood Schools Financials

Thursday, January 04, 2018


FY 2017

FY 2018

$$ change

% change

General Property Tax





Tangible Personal Property Tax





Income Tax





Unrestricted Grants-In-Aid





Restricted Grants-In-Aid





Property Tax Allocation





All Other





Advances / Other
















FY 2017

FY 2018

$$ change

% change

Personnel Services





Retirement / Insurance





Purchased Services





Supplies / Materials





Capital Outlay





Other Objects





Advances / Transfers





















I highlighted two numbers for you as not much has really changed, but we have some new community members reading this. For the year we have collected $247,202 less in property taxes as compared to last year. This is the result of a one-time payment we received last year when an appeal of the tax valuation for Troy Energy was rejected, and they owed us some back payments. The other number in green shows that our income tax collections are up $63,674 for the first six months of the fiscal year. I still do not trust that number and will be looking at future payments, particularly after April, to see how this shakes out. I would say if this number holds up for the rest of the fiscal year that is great news for the local economy. I still feel that some of the changes to the small business tax relief we have discussed in the past will end up negatively impacting collections as we head into tax season.


That said, overall our revenue is up .81% as compared to last year. If this holds we will be very pleased.




I have two numbers in red that I have highlighted. One shows that our overall salaries are up $43.654 as compared to last year. The impact of adding teachers to the elementary building are showing their impacts on this line item as compared to last year. This will continue. On a similar note we have more staff members qualifying for medical benefits, which explains the overall increase of $60,508 in our Retirement/Insurance line item.


In real terms taking out the Advances which were used for the elementary building project, we have spent about $235,000 more this year as compared to last. This number also reflects the purchase of two new buses in this fiscal year as compared to zero last year. I would say our expenses as a result are in decent shape considering we had to hire additional teachers due to increasing class sizes.


Of note, we will almost certainly have to hire an additional special education teacher for next school year to help the district meet the needs of students and to handle the increase in numbers of students who need services. We will also see how things go with elementary enrollment numbers to see if we will need to add a teacher there.




Congratulations to the eight Eastwood Middle School and High School Band Members who have earned membership in the 2018 Ohio Music Education Association District 1 Honor Bands.


??OMEA District 1 High School Honor Band Members?

Jacob Booms
Luke Coffman
Aidan Stevenson-Powell
Amanda Withrow


??OMEA District 1 Middle School Honor Band Members?

Logan Farnsworth
Kalee Moore
Matt Hayes
Ian Sander


These students' recorded auditions put them among the best 100 students in the 6-county district. The Honor Bands will perform as a part of the OMEA District 1 Honor Festival on Saturday, February 18 at the Stranahan Theatre. The MS performs at 2:30, and the HS at 7:00. Performances are free and open to the public.

That’s it for this week. We will be monitoring a very active weather pattern over the course of the next five days. Freezing drizzle, fog, heavy rain, and a possible major snowstorm….sounds like winter in Northwest Ohio. Just keep in mind that 50 or so days from March!


Have a great rest of the week!


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