Superintendent's Message

Brent Welker

Brent Welker

Dear Community Members:


Good Monday morning to everyone! It certainly looks like we will have another comfortable week ahead of us weather wise, so let’s make sure we step out and embrace the gift!


I have a number of items to share with you this week. Please see the last couple of items for some fundraisers for Baseball and Band.




Here are a couple of quick congrats to our kids!


HS VOLLEYBALL – Finished 22-0 in the regular season and were NBC Champs. Tremendous accomplishment!

BOYS CROSS COUNTRY – Won the NBC Championship with a great team race. Head to the District Meet this Saturday.

GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY – Won the NBC Championship with numerous team members stepping up. Also head to District Meet Saturday.

HS EQUESTRIAN TEAM – Finished 3rd in State competition on Sunday. Well Done!!

8TH GRADE VOLLEYBALL – Completed an unbeaten NBC slate and Championship. Had just one loss on the season.

7TH GRADE VOLLEYBALL – Finished Runner-up in the NBC this year. Great year! Believe they had just three losses on the season.

JH BOYS CROSS COUNTRY – Finished Runner-up at the NBC Meet on Saturday. Great meet!


Good luck to all of our teams as they near the conclusion of their regular season or begin their tournament runs! This week the Eagles Football team travels to Genoa. Tickets are on sale at the HS. Good Luck!!!




Over the course of the next month you will see building administrators emphasizing this concept via Twitter and their communications.


E+R=O is a simple formula taught by Tim Kight who was our opening day presenter for staff. We have mentioned him in prior emails. The idea is that we are presented with any number of E(Events) on a daily basis. Our R(Response) to those events will yield an O(Outcome). While we cannot control the Events in our life, we alone control our Responses. If our Responses are consistent with our values stated in the Eagle Way, we will have Outcomes that are consistently better than having impulsive or negative responses. We want to teach our students how to use the best possible responses to the wide range of events that they encounter daily. There is a six step process we will share with kids throughout the year.


For the time being, we hope that you will talk to your kids about making sure their Responses are consistent with the Eagle Way – Do What’s Right, Do the Best You Can, and Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated. My guess is that these will lead to great conversations and an amazing chance for meaningful dialogue at home!


Here are a couple of examples for you from Mr. Eding at the Middle School:


·         Homework + Completing it Carefully = Better Grades

·         Homework + Watching TV(not doing it) = Poor Grades


Mr. Riley also wrote extensively about this in his last email update.




This year’s Fall Play “Small Actors” by Stephen Gregg will be performed beginning this Thursday October 19th at 7:00 PM at the historic Pemberville Opera House. There will be additional performances on Saturday October 21st at 7:00 PM and Sunday October 22nd at 2:00 PM. Tickets are $7.00 and can be purchased 30 minutes prior to each show. This marks the directorial debut of Elle Fullencamp who is a student at BGSU. Good luck to Elle and the cast and crew!





The week of October 16-23 is National School Bus Safety Week. Eastwood buses travel the 110 square miles of our district multiple times daily trying to make sure students are safely transported to preschool, campus, events, field trips and to programs outside of our district. We can all help our drivers as they work diligently to make sure our kids are safe.


·         Parents – You can help by making sure kids leave the house on time for their stops. Believe it or not, just making sure their backpack is zipped up correctly can help because things will not fall out when the kids are heading to the stop. Please make sure kids NEVER run after the bus. That poses an enormous safety risk.

·         Students – Please make sure to obey all driver commands. It is very difficult to drive a bus and make sure students are behaving themselves. When students are quiet and courteous to each other, it makes the driver’s job much easier.

·         All of us – We need to support each other. Student safety is our number one concern. If we listen to each other when we are looking to modify student behavior, we will have a much greater chance of having bus routes that run safely and efficiently. We also need to respect the red lights of the bus and stop when required. If you see someone run the reds of a school bus, please call law enforcement. Drivers who do not respect the red stop lights of the bus place the lives of students at risk.


We are very proud of our professional drivers. Let’s all work together to keep kids safe!




On Monday October 23rd, the International Club will be holding a meeting at 7:00 PM in the HS Auditorium. The purpose will be to look at proposed trips for the next five years. These trips are outstanding, but they can be expensive. By giving parents and students a look at plans for the next five years, they can begin planning and possibly saving for such a trip. This year’s 5th graders will be in HS when the last of these planned trips heads out. I can just say that times moves more quickly than we can imagine some days. If you have an interest please come to the meeting or contact Jennifer Moorman at


Here is a link with information about their proposed plans:





Eastwood Baseball will be running our annual sock sale from October 16th - November 3rd. Socks will cost $15 per pair and youth sizes are available. If you have any questions please contact Coach Leady at 


There is more information attached.




Please see the attachment for information regarding a current fundraiser for the Eastwood Band program. 




Brent Welker, Superintendent
Eastwood Local Schools
4800 Sugar Ridge Road
Pemberville, Ohio 43450


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