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Brent Welker

Brent Welker

Dear Community Members:


Last week the ground hog saw his shadow which hopefully means an early spring. It certainly has been a nice couple of days, but the active pattern will return. Just as a reminder, Eastwood has missed five days and we will make up the next two days with online lessons that will be pushed out via our district webpage and Schoology. Students will have two weeks from the day missed to submit their work. We will have hard copies for students who may not have internet access at home and have always provided time and support for students who need assistance. Over the years this format has worked reasonably well for us.


Obviously, we will be up and out early tomorrow checking the roads. Not sure how this system will track but there is the potential for ice. Stay tuned as always!


I have a couple of notes and the January Financial Report for you this week.




This is National School Counseling Week. We are very fortunate to have four ladies who care deeply about our students serving Eastwood. Donna Schuessler, Connie Rutherford, Lori Maas, and Tutsy Asmus all work to provide a wide range of services for our students. They provide a safe place for kids to share concerns and work tirelessly to support the mental and physical well being of our young people. They work to build their behavior skills in support of the Eagle Way, help students self-regulate their feelings, provide career assistance as well as help kids prepare for life after Eastwood. Please take a minute to shoot them a note this week and tell them how much you appreciate their work!




Next week there are two community events where parents and community members can get information about helping your child navigate the challenges of growing up as well as the dangers of opioids.


On Sunday February 10th, the Wood County Educational Service Center and their partners will present a program on opioid addiction on how we can win the battle. The program starts at 2:00 at First United Methodist Church in Bowling Green. There is a handout attached.


On Wednesday February 13th, Lake High School is hosting Mr. Jeff Yelden who will be talking about teen mental health and some of the negative behaviors associated with kids who have low self esteem. The program is sponsored by the Wood County ADAMHS Board. Again, this looks like a very strong program, and we appreciate the invitation from the leadership at Lake Schools. There is a handout attached as well.


It is no secret that our kids face significant social and emotional challenges. The consequences can be life changing. It is one of the reasons we work so hard to teach kids the behavior skills that can help them navigate the waters of life. Being able to have disciplined responses to the chaotic events of our lives will help yield the best outcomes. We all need to do this together!




Here is our current year to date revenues and expenses as compared to our budget. There is honestly not too much in this, but see below for a couple of revenue notes.


Eastwood Schools Financials

Tuesday, February 05, 2019



FY 2019

$$ change

% change

General Property Tax





Tangible Personal Property Tax





Income Tax





Unrestricted Grants-In-Aid* Includes SFSF





Restricted Grants-In-Aid





Property Tax Allocation





All Other





Advances / Other

















FY 2019

$$ change

% change

Personnel Services





Retirement / Insurance





Purchased Services





Supplies / Materials





Capital Outlay





Other Objects





Advances / Transfers



















·         In our General Property Taxes we are showing that collections year to date are $88,629.78 less than projections. This is simply a timing issue with regards to our property tax collections. Usually the Auditor’s Office sends an advance in the month on January, but this year it came on February 1st. We will not know if this is an overall issue with property tax collections until the final settlement next month.

·         We are $212,945.75 ahead in our All Other Revenue Category. This is because Home Depot gave us the full payment in lieu of taxes earlier than usual. This should wash out next month.

·         In the Income Tax line we are $15,062.87 ahead of projections. While it is a positive number, we had been trending at roughly a 3% increase in the first two quarters of the year as compared to last year.  This quarter was actually lower than our projections and lower than last year. This will bear significant watching for the rest of the calendar year.


All in all we are running very close to our projections for the year. The coming months will tell the tale on how we finish the year.




Amanda Withrow Earns All-State Honor

As a member of the OMEA All-State Orchestra, Senior Oboist Amanda Withrow was in Cleveland last weekend for rehearsals and a performance as a part of the OMEA Professional Conference. Amanda earned the position of principal oboe.


HS Solo & Ensemble

The Ohio Music Education Association District 1 High School Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event was held Saturday, January 26 at Perrysburg HS. Here are the results:


Superior I Rating

Melinda Barman, Class A Alto Saxophone Solo

Josh Egnatuk, Class B Alto Saxophone Solo

Logan Farnsworth, Class A Bassoon Solo

Shaunna Jubenville, Class B Clarinet Solo

Kalee Moore, Class B Alto Saxophone Solo

Connor Oberhouse, Class A Tuba Solo

Lucas Pease, Class B Trumpet Solo

Zach Sechkar, Class B Euphonium Solo

Jessica Stewart, Class A Trumpet Solo

Emily Bolton, Shaunna Jubenville & Amanda Withrow, Class A Woodwind Trio


Excellent II Rating

Sydney Ameling, Class C Oboe Solo

Elizabeth Arntson, Class B Flute Solo

Dylan Brogan, Class B Alto Saxophone Solo

Luke Coffman, Class A French Horn Solo

Kaitlyn Cully, Class C French Horn Solo

Jacob D’Amore, Class A Alto Saxophone Solo

Jacob D’Amore, Class A Soprano Saxophone Solo

Ashton Hill, Class B French Horn Solo

Cordelia Howard, Class B Clarinet Solo

Cordelia Howard, Class C Piano Solo

Holden Ruck, Class B Trumpet Solo

Hannah Shaffer, Class C Tenor Saxophone Solo

Aidan Stevenson-Powell, Class A Euphonium Solo

Faith Vermilyea, Class B Alto Saxophone Solo

Molly Caris, Cole Good, Lucas Pease & Holden Ruck, Class C Trumpet Quartet

Elizabeth Arntson, Emily Bolton & Reagan Schuerman, Class A Flute Trio


Good III Rating

Ashton Hill, Class B Trumpet Solo

Hannah Shaffer, Class B Tenor Saxophone Solo

Lilly Schuerman, Class B Alto Saxophone Solo

Josh Egnatuk, Luke Coffman & Hannah Friend, Class C Clarinet Trio

Sydney Ameling, Emilia D’Amore & Jenna Moore, Class B Saxophone Trio


Comments Only

Reagan Schuerman, Class A Flute Solo




Congratulations to the following high school choir students who took part in the 2019 Ohio Music Education Association's District I High School Solo & Ensemble Competition held at Perrysburg High School on Saturday, January 26th!


Joshua Egnatuk, Tenor Solo, Class A, Superior (I) Rating

Noelle Hayes, Soprano Solo, Class A, Superior (I) Rating

Carly Van de Bussche, Mezzo Soprano Solo, Class B, Superior (I) Rating  

Emma Finley, Soprano Solo, Class C, Excellent (II) Rating

Peyton Johnson, Bass Solo, Class C, Excellent (II) Rating

Noelle Hayes, Piano Solo, Class B, Excellent (II) Rating


Encore, Chamber Ensemble, Class B, Superior (I) Rating  

(Kayla Finch, Noelle Hayes, Reegan Harvey, Chloe Wilson, Hannah Beaudoin, Helena Katakis, Emily Zatko, Alissa Ray, Tabitha Escalante, Holden Ruck, Joshua Egnatuk, Jared McNulty, Josh Stevens, Luke Coffman, Cole Pawlowski) 


Have a great rest of the week!


Brent Welker, Superintendent
Eastwood Local Schools
120 E. College St.
PO Box 837
Pemberville, Ohio 43450

"Leaders create Culture, Culture drives Behavior, Behavior produces Results." - Tim Kight


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