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Brent Welker

Brent Welker


Dear Community Members:


August is here. The Wood County Fair is nearing an end and the Pemberville Fair starts in just over a week. Our kids have been in kicking off the 2017 fall sports campaign which has already seen Eastwood win its first tournament of the year. Let’s hope that is a sign of great things for the 2017-18 school year.




The big news of the day is that on Friday the district received temporary occupancy of Eastwood Elementary School. This was a big milestone for us as it allows our office staff to start working on Monday August 7th. We can also begin the process of moving all of the teacher materials into classrooms. Our plan is to allow teachers to work in their rooms starting on August 14th which will give them a couple of weeks to get ready for the Dedication and Open House.


A couple of quick things now that the elementary secretaries will be back in:


1.      Sometime on Monday the phone numbers for the Elementary Building will ring over into their offices. 419-833-2821 and 419-287-3200. Until then they will still ring into our offices in Pemberville.

2.      We will not have visitors in the building until the dedication. The staff will not be taking people on tours.

3.      We will let people know when they can come into the office if they need to see a principal etc. It will probably not be until the week of the 21st sometime.


Each day we are getting one trade after another finishing their work and moving out. During the next three weeks contractors will be finishing up odds and ends and making repairs or corrections as needed. It is likely that even when the building opens, we will have contractors working 2nd shift to correct or repair items that do not work properly.


One of the biggest challenges is to get staff trained on how to operate all of the new systems in the building. All of the systems are far more integrated and technical. At the same time there is the normal activity that goes on before school starts across the district. I appreciate the dedication of our employees who have worked so hard this summer to prepare us for the new building.


We are on time and on budget. I sometimes hear rumors that we have postponed the start of school, but that is not the case. Now that does not mean that the next three weeks will be rainbows and unicorns! If you have ever built a house, you know that just when you think you are done, you look around and see more details that need to be added. Multiply that times 1,000 and you get the idea. I remember moving into the current Liberty Benton High School when it was built back in 1995. When school started, we ate in the Ag Shop because the kitchen was not done. Lunches were brought over from the MS every day. We got occupancy of our gym on the Thursday before we opened our BASKETBALL season. It was a little surreal at times, but we got through it. Ours will be nothing like that experience, but it is amazing what you can live with when you have to!


 BUS ROUTES 2017-18


Parents have until August 18th to make changes to their child’s pick-up and drop-off points if there has been a change in sitters, job etc. During the week of August 21st, we will be posting bus routes throughout the district. It is likely that they will be posted at the MS, HS and the Board Office in Pemberville. They will be posted inside the buildings and parents can see them during school hours. We will also have transportation staff at Open Houses to answer questions.




Our Open Houses will begin on August 28th. We will have two sessions for the elementary on August 28th. These will be extremely important because we will be providing information on the traffic patterns for the new building along with many other important updates. We will have more on the times and specifics in the next week. MS and HS Open Houses are on Wednesday 8/30.


That’s it for today. We will have more updates as we get closer to the start of the school year.


Have a great weekend!!!



Brent Welker, Superintendent
Eastwood Local Schools
4800 Sugar Ridge Road
Pemberville, Ohio 43450


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