Superintendent's Message

Brent Welker

Brent Welker

July 19, 2018

Dear Community Members:


While it is the middle of July, we are rapidly approaching August and the start of the new school year.  I have two transportation related items for you this morning.




One of the biggest challenges we have with transportation are changes that occur in babysitters, addresses, work schedules etc. over the summer. Sometimes it slips our minds to notify Sue in the Transportation Office until days before school starts.


Our cut-off for making changes to routes for this school year is August 10th. If you miss the August 10th date, we will not make changes to the routes until after the school year starts. We are reminding everyone now to help avoid conflict, tension and damaged relationships in some cases.


We ask for these changes by August 10th for several reasons.


1.      We are enrolling new students all through the month of August, and these students need to be placed on routes and that takes a tremendous amount of time as they are coming in often times in the days before school starts. The week before school starts is incredibly busy.

2.      Up to August 10th we already have many summer changes and are looking to get those accurately reflected on the route sheets.

3.      We bid our routes on August 13th which is just one week from Teacher Workday. We need those routes to be accurate for our drivers. Obviously, you would not want to bid on a route only to find out that it ends up with less time.


We are asking for your help. Please contact Sue Volschow in the Transportation Office at 419-833-1493 if you need to make a change in drop-off and pick-up locations next school year.




We are planning changes in the traffic flow pattern for the MORNING drop-off for Eastwood HS and MS.


Our plan for this year is for all BUS drop-offs for the HS to take place on the Luckey Road entrance, and the MS drop-off will take place behind the MS at the entrance by the MS Band Room. This will eliminate buses and cars intermingling in the lot in between the MS and HS. Over the years we have had some concerns about the congestion in this area and frankly people being in a rush and driving accordingly.


This plan will cause some other issues because we will be asking parents who drop off HS students to only drop off at the east entrance nearest the MS. I know there are many parents who enter the Luckey Road side parking lot and drop off their students by that entrance. Kids like it because it is a short walk in and often times parents will park there and stop in to the HS Office. That will not be permitted from 7:15-7:40, so parents will need to drive around the building and drop-off at the east side entrance. Parents who need to visit with the office will need to find a spot and enter the building from there. I know this has been a convenience for some in the past, but we need for the buses to get through there.


These traffic flow changes are designed to make it safer for everyone in the morning. There will be some changes but in a month no one will remember doing it differently. We will send out reminders as the start of the school year approaches.


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