Principal's Message

Jim Kieper
Principal, Eastwood High School

The high school, and all of our schools, focus on high expectations within the academic, co-curricular, and athletic settings while promoting the efforts of everyone involved.  One particular aspect that is always showcased, regardless of the setting, is the "Eagle Way" in all of our endeavors. These attributes (Do What is Right, Do the Best We Can, and Treat Others the Way We Want to be Treated) directly align with our commitment to preparing students to make a positive impact as they become leaders within the local community and beyond. We are hopeful that the Eagle Way attributes will help make our students the best citizens and students they can be. 

Communication between our staff and parents is also of vital importance to us.  We truly feel that maintaining a high level  of communication is vital to the success of our students, whether they be our high achieving students or those who have to work the hardest.  It is with that thought, that we will sincerely work to make sure our communication to our students, parents and community is complete.  

If at any point and time you have questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help you with whatever I can.  


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