Eastwood High School Building Profile

Principal: Jim Kieper

Assistant Principal: Jodi Zunk

Athletic Director: Jeff Hill

School Counselor (A-K) & District Test Coordinator: Donna Schuessler

School Counselor (L-Z):   Lori Maas


The first graduating class of Eastwood High School was the Class of 1959. The first high school class occupied the current Pemberville Elementary for the first three years of consolidation until the new high school was built on the corner of Sugar Ridge and Luckey roads between the communities of Luckey and Pemberville in 1960.  The first graduating class from the new high school was the Class of 1962. An addition and remodeling project which included a third wing was completed in 2000.

Students at Eastwood have access to a strong preparatory curriculum that enables them to move to life after high school. Eastwood High School students enjoy numerous math and science courses that qualify for dual credit through a partnership with the University of Findlay. Students also access to Post-Secondary Options classes through Bowling Green State University and Owens Community College. Finally, Eastwood students have the chance to attend Penta Career Center which is one of the most state of the art Joint Vocational Schools in Ohio.

Building Enrollment



Honors Courses

Honors Science 9
Honors Biology 1
Honors English 9, 10, 11, 12                  
Honors World History
Honors American History
Honors American Governmt
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra 2


Honors Band
Honors German 3, 4, & 5
Honors Spanish 3, 4, & 5
Honors Chemistry
Honors Chemistry 2
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Calculus
Honors Physics
Honors U.S. History

College Credit Plus

Bowling Green State University University of Findlay          
GERM 2010 - Hon. German 4
GERM 2020 - Hon. German 5
POLS 1100 - Hon. Government
GSW 1110 - Gen. Studies Writing
GSW 1120 - Gen. Studies Writing          
BIOL 1080 - Marine Biology

BIOL 102 - Biology 2
BIOL 201 - Anatomy & Physiology
MATH 141 - Honors Calculus
SPAN 220 - Honors Spanish 4
SPAN 221 - Honors Spanish 5
PHYS 250 - Honors Physics
ESOH 100 - Environmental Sci.

Core & Elective Offerings Not Previously Listed

Begin., Intermed. and Adv. Art

Ceramics 1

Photography 1 & 2

Theater Arts 1

Business & Management Foundations

Business Law

Financial Literacy

Intro to Multimedia Production

Industrial Technology 1, 2, & 3

English 9, 10, 11 & 12


Physical Education 9 & 10



Algebra FY

Algebra 1

Geometry FY


Algebra 2 FY

Algebra 2

Math for College



Physical Science

Biology 1

Spanish 1, 2

German 1, 2

Music Theory

Band & Jazz Band

Majorettes, Color Guard

Choir & Encore

Environmental Science


Forensic Science

World History

American History

American Government

Psychology & Sociology

Criminal Justice & Mock Trial

Agricultural 1, 2, & 3

Agricultural Business

Ag  & Environ. Sys Capstone

Extra-Curricular Activities (Clubs & Athletics)

Clubs Athletics                                                                                                             

Art Club


Equestrian Team


Fellowship of Christian Athletes

International Club

Junior Executive Council

Key Club

National Honor Society

People, Inc

Quiz Bowl

Senior Executive Council

Student Council

One Step Ahead

Tri-M Honor Society





Cross Country







Track & Field



OHSAA Participation/Affiliation Statement:

Eastwood is a member of the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the Northern Buckeye Conference which was established in 2011.  Eastwood offers the following sports:  golf, football, volleyball, cross-country, soccer, basketball, wrestling, track & field, cheerleading, softball and baseball, bowling, and swimming.


1 to 1 Laptop Initiative 

Students in grades 8-12 receive district purchased laptops. This 1:1 program is an essential component in the district's efforts to prepare students for their future. Many technologies and digital tools are used in Eastwood High School classrooms to foster digital citizenship, diversify instruction and personalize learning for our students.


Graduating Class (2017) Information

Number of graduates:  112

Community Service Hours:  7,501.50

Number of CCP/Dual Enrollment courses offered 2016-17:  13 Courses totalling 43 credit hours

Approximate amount of college expense saved by families through CCP:  $673,196

Amount of Scholarships earned and accepted:  $484,817

Post-High School Placement

  • 4-Year = 53%
  • 2-Year = 16%
  • Workforce = 28%
  • Military = 3%
  • Trade School = 0%

Colleges Attended

Asbury University

Baker College

Baldwin Wallace

Bowling Green State University

Cedarville University

Defiance College

Florida Gulf Coast University

Groove University

Indiana Institute of Technology

Iowa State University

Lourdes University

Mercy College of Ohio

Mount Union

Ohio Northern University

Ohio Technical College

Ohio University

Owens Community College

The Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute

The Ohio State University

University of Cincinnati

University of Findlay

University of Michigan

University of Toledo

Yale University

Standardized Test Results    

 ACT Results (5-Year Comparison Average)

ACT Tested Area   (Average Mean)       2017
(Eastwood HS)                    


23.8 21.2
Matematics 22.6 21.6
Reading 24.3 22.5
Science 23.5 22.0
Composite 23.6 22.0

Regular Grading Scale

Class rank is computed each semester.  Rank is cumulative and it is reported on the transcript.  Honors courses receive a weighted factor described below.

98-100=A+    4.3        
93-97  =A      4.0
90-92  =A-     3.7
87-89  =B+     3.3
83-86  =B        3.0
80-82 =B-        2.7
77-79  =C+      2.3
73-76  =C        2.0
      70-72=C-           1.7
      67-69=D+          1.3
      63-66=D            1.0
      60-62=D-             .7
      00-59=F               .0

Grading Scale 1. Plus .5

Honors Science 9
Honors English 9 & 10
Honors Social Studies 9
Honors World History
Honors American History
Honors American Government          
Honors Algebra 2
Honors Geometry
Honors Band
Honors Biology 1

Grading Scale 2. Plus 1

Honors English 11 & 12
Chemistry 130 & 131
Honors Chemistry
Chemistry 2
Honors Physics
Honors U.S. History
Honors Spanish 3,4,5
Honors German 3,4,5
Honors Pre-Calculus
 Honors Calculus