Teacher Websites

Eastwood uses Schoology as our LMS for grades 3-12.  Some teachers use a class website as a companion to Schoology and links to these websites are below. If you are a parent/guardian and need information and/or resources for using Schoology, please visit the Schoology for Parents page. 



Mrs. Conklin
Mr. Corken
Mrs. Garner
Mr. Gent
Mr. Howard 

Ms. Kopchak
Mr. Madaras
Mrs. Moorman
Mr. Myers
Mr. Rutherford
Mr. Schlumbohm

Mrs. Schneider-Sims
Mrs. Smithmyer
Mrs. Smoyer
Mr. Swartz


7th Grade Team
Mrs. Ashby
Mr. Briggs
Mrs. Bucks
Mrs. Burdette
Mr. Burkin
Mrs. Conklin
Mr. Downey 
Mrs. Dudley
Mr. Gau
Mrs. Hildreth
Miss Linke
Mr. Rutherford - 8th grade Science
Mr. Sabo - Fitness 
Mr. Sabo - PE

Mr. Schlumbohm
Mrs. Shoemaker
Mrs. Stanfield
Mrs. Tong
Mr. Wagner
Mrs. Walters     



5th Grade Team
Mrs. Chaffee
Mrs. Chudzinski
Mrs. Conkle
Mrs. Downs
Mrs. Griffith
Mrs. Long
Mrs. Nafziger
Mrs. Oestreich
Mrs. Powers 
Mrs. Schaffner
Mrs. Slater
Mrs. Walters
Mrs. Wank