School Closure - Community Email #3



We will be cancelling all school related activities beginning on Monday. There will be no spring sports practices, parent meetings, or awards programs. We will be postponing everything through April 3rd which may include the Vo-Ag Banquet on April 5th. We will look to reschedule, if possible, when they allow us to re-open.


I know Prom is not far off in the distance. I would be very careful before I bought anything for Prom. There is no way to predict when things will be allowed to resume, but the State Health Commissioner stated that this is expected to peak in mid-April to early May.




We will be instructing kids to take all of their instructional materials home including their laptops. Tomorrow we will be issuing all students in grades 3-5 a laptop to be used during this closure. Teachers will be working with students to make sure they can login and find their way around Schoology. We will be pushing assignments, assessments, videos and other materials out to kids in grades 3-12 using Schoology. We will be sending home some “Dos and Don’ts” with the laptops, and I will attach them to a later email. This is a child’s learning device. It is not to be used for adults to do their tasks as things will cache. We are not charging the typical insurance assessment due to the emergency nature of this. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THEM!!


Students in K-2 will have their work posted on the district webpage for Monday and Tuesday. I am assuming this is what they are doing for the entire closure, but they are so good and move so fast that they may have found a better way. My guess is that they will have something in the homework folders for kids.


Internet access is a problem for some students. One of the things we will look to have up and running is Wi-Fi access in the Luckey Road parking lot at the HS by Monday. It will be the district’s Wi-Fi. In addition, AMPLEX has offered to help us. We will have Wi-Fi access in the parking lot here at Pemberville Elementary. We are also looking at other spots. We think we will have one at the Troy Twp building in Luckey (not the fire station). AMPLEX was a partner for the district after the fire and continues to support the district!


We are also working on strategies for getting hard copies to families who need them. More on that probably Monday. We have some ideas, but want to work out how that will be accomplished.


Our single biggest worry is for students who get behind or who do not work on these days. We are making school days up in this format. No one wants to go to school in June. We are trying to maintain some level of learning. We have kids who are taking classes for college credit and who may still have to pass their final assessment. Seniors need to pass classes to receive credit so they can graduate. This is not a blizzard where everyone plays Fortnite for a week and lives on Mountain Dew and Doritos. Kids need to get up and get to work. We are not planning to bury them, but if they think they can blow off the work and catch up later it may be too late.


We will have further guidelines on due dates etc. by Monday.




One of our biggest concerns is providing for students who receive free or reduced lunches at school. Our plan on this is evolving, but the basics are that we will use buses to take meals out. Tentatively, we are looking to have 5-6 spots in the community – Pemberville Elementary, Troy Twp building, Troy Villa, somewhere in the Dowling Dunbridge area, Campus and perhaps Webster Twp. We are looking at other options for people who cannot travel.


We want to help take care of families!!!!




Mrs. Wagoner and the intervention specialists have been meeting about how we can try to meet the IEP goals of our kids. They have some very good ideas and will be getting with parents and students individually. Obviously, there is no way we can replicate the environment of a classroom for all of our students. However, we can try our best and I like their ideas!




We are never going to forget the Spring of 2020. When I was a kid they had t-shirts made that said “I Survived the Blizzard of 78!”. I think it is safe to say that history will repeat itself here.


All of these steps are being taken to SAVE LIVES! The public health experts have models on how these things spread, and I am telling you this is no joke. Kids recover from this virus, but they are excellent carriers. We do not want the fragile members of our society to be impacted.


Our priorities are simple.


1.      Get seniors graduated.

2.      Make sure kids get their college credits.

3.      Get HS kids their credits so they stay on pace to graduate.

4.      Help provide some continuity of education for the day when we return back to school.

5.      TAKE CARE OF STUDENT NEEDS! Feed those who are in need!

This is not going to be as effective as having kids in the classroom. It will be substantially better than having them out of school for three weeks or longer doing nothing.


We will make it to the other side of this!!


Stay tuned tomorrow for any new information. We will also update you anytime there is something new. Please let this be a time where the BEST came out in us. Be patient! Things will iron themselves out.


Best wishes! 


Brent Welker, Superintendent

Eastwood Local Schools

120 E. College St.

PO Box 837

Pemberville, Ohio 43450



"Leaders create Culture, Culture drives Behavior, Behavior produces Results." - Tim Kight

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