Superintendent's Message


Dear Community Members:

Good Friday afternoon to everyone. Please see below.



We will be short on Monday with transportation. We are moving some things around, and there will be some delays and different buses picking up or dropping off your child. The route that will be impacted is Bus 37. If your child rides that bus, you can avoid delays in pick-up or drop-off if you transport your child. If you need to drop them off earlier in the morning, we will get them taken care of. If your child is getting dropped off in the morning, please let us know so we can inform drivers.


This plan only works if we have no further absences. If we get another one, there will be additional, and more significant routing challenges.




MS/HS RUN – Bus 37 will have another driver. Bus 12’s students will be picked up by Bus 38. There may be some small delays, but students should be at school on time.


ELEMENTARY RUN – Bus 37’s route will be parceled out to three other drivers.

·         BUS 34 – Will cover portions of 105, Lemoyne Rd, Hickory, Rees Road – Students will be on time getting to school, but their pick-up times will be different. Please be prepared just in case they come earlier than anticipated.

·         BUS 41 – Will pick-up Anderson, Carter, Webster, Silverwood, and Dunipace AFTER completing her normal pick-ups. Kids can expect pick-ups after 8:10-15.

·         BUS 12 – Will get students on Housekeeper, Chamberlain, and 105 kids up to Lemoyne. These students may see the longest delay in getting to school. Pick-ups will start AFTER 8:10-15.




PENTA RUN – All Penta students will ride Bus 12 home. We will only have one bus for those students. All Penta students will be transported back to the HS. We encourage any parent who can pick up their child to do so at the HS. Students who do not have a ride home, will be taken by Bus 12 home. There will be delays as Bus 12 will be navigating the entire district.


Our other Penta driver will be covering Bus 37 in the afternoon. We do not have any other changes to the afternoon routing.




While this is the plan for Monday, versions of this may get repeated to match other challenges that may occur throughout the year. The patience and grace afforded the district in the past, where we have worked to manage the many challenges, is appreciated and never taken for granted.


Thank you in advance!


Brent Welker, Superintendent
Eastwood Local Schools
120 E. College St.
PO Box 837
Pemberville, Ohio 43450

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