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Superintendent Community Updates


Dear Community Members:

Good Thursday morning! Seniors are done tomorrow, and all students finish on May 31st. Kids are busy with some of the fun activities and field trips. We often have to squeeze this in during May when testing ends.

We want to wish our Baseball and Track kids good luck as they compete in District and Regional competitions today! Go Eagles!

I have several significant items for you today.


Last Friday, the HS held its first Decision Day and Signing Day celebrations. Seniors were invited to participate in the celebration of the next steps in their lives whether it was attending school, going to work, or doing post graduate training. They were joined in the celebration by all of the HS and their families. It was an awesome event with a great deal of positive energy. Can’t imagine how great the kids felt, but it was a blast.

In addition, the HS changed the flow of the Academic Awards program which had become a little stagnant. No one’s fault, but some fresh ideas made that event memorable as well.

We received a ton of positive feedback which is appreciated.

Hats off to Principal Jim Kieper, Assistant Principal/AD Scott Sorg, Counselors Andrew Hemminger and Stacie Stroshine, and Secretaries Jodi Eaton and Nichole Brown for all of their hard work and dedication. I am sure there were others who helped as well that I may have missed. All of your work was appreciated!!



On Monday, we held a Facilities Task Force meeting at the Elementary. This is going to be fairly detailed, because it is complex, and we do not want to be seen as being misleading. There are some significant takeaways from the meeting that I would like to share.

1.     The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC), is charged with helping all school districts and career centers in Ohio bring their facilities up to modern standards. You can imagine the complexity of managing a program to meet the needs of 640+ school districts and career centers with facilities in various stages of usefulness. Their program MUST have a consistent set of criteria that is uniformly applied to everyone who has a varying set of needs.

2.     OFCC has a specific way of assigning the allotment of CO-FUNDED square footage they will assign to a district. The SF is assigned by enrollment. Middle School students are assigned 143 SF per student and HS kids are given 170 SF.

3.     The first step in their process is to do an enrollment projection. They take a detailed look at historical trends in the district, birth rates, and population movement that provides the backbone for their projections. When you look at their projections, we are fairly close to what they projected back in 2014, but down 28 kids. That means, we will get fewer SF overall than what was projected.

4.     OFCC also wants districts with less than 1,500 students on campus to be served in a single K-12 building. That was never the intention when we built the elementary in 2016-17. If it was the plan we would have built the building with the potential to expand critical spaces such as the kitchen and cafeteria.

5.     In our conversations with OFCC, we explained that adding on to the ES was not in the best interests of the district considering the SF, footprint of campus, and a lack of dollars for swing space in the budget.

6.     They stood by their position and set a cost for a CO-FUNDED project at $44,948,344. CO-FUNDED means that Eastwood pays for 64% of the project or $28,766,940 and the state will provide $16,181,404 for their Base Plan. That is important to remember, because no matter what we would build, the maximum amount we would get from OFCC is $16,181,404.

7.     Eastwood’s preferred plan would be to build a freestanding 6-12 building. Their projected cost, in 2024 dollars, is $51,882,937. In this project, there are square feet allotted to the preferred plan that exceeds what they will provide in the base plan  which results in what is called a “project locally funded initiative” or project LFI. This is the result of the new building being larger than what they will fund so we have to pay the full difference which is $6.9 million.

8.     The problem for us is that even the expanded “project LFI” does not have enough room. Based on current programs, courses, and spaces to serve students with disabilities, we still believe that the building is roughly 12,000 SF smaller than what we need.

9.     Where were we short? The competition gym for this building would be too small. There are not enough classrooms for foreign language, science, tech ed, and intervention. The offices cannot accommodate all of the other personnel we have working in the district such as guidance, CRC, SRO, Speech, OT among others.

10.  This adds roughly $5.4 million to the cost.

11.  This means we may need to get creative and get SF from other places such as our current buildings. We know that our plan would be to retain the new addition on the HS should the Board Offices move back to campus along with preschool. We also want to keep the Auditorium and refurbish that space along with the area down the main corridor and the HS gym. Could this provide some space that could be used? Quite possibly.

12.  No matter what the Board considers moving ahead, space, cost, functionality, and the way a new facility integrates into the campus as a whole will have to be considered.

Oh by the way….we still want to do all of this while looking at the desired student experience. We have to make sure that any new construction serves to help prepare our kids for the world to come and not what the world used to be. While academic learning will always be the bedrock of what we do, key work skills like collaboration, attention to detail, being accountable along with the Eagle Way must be co-equal in our work to prepare kids for their future. Identifying the desired student experience this fall will be essential as we marry the allocation of square footage to the needs of kids.

We are not planning to meet again until we get back to school in the fall, but we did feel that getting some of these facts out to you is important.



On Monday, Eastwood Treasurer, Monica Leppelmeier, shared the updated May 5-Year Forecast with the Board and community.

There are several important items from her presentation that will begin to impact our financial position in the next couple of years.

1.     End of COVID Funds – We have shared over the last couple of years that in FY 2025 (July 1, 2024-June 30 2025), our General Fund would take a hit because several positions that were grant funded through the pandemic funds, would end up in the General Fund. Our salary line in the budget will go up just under $700,000 next year. We used COVID funds for our Behavior Intervention Specialist, a Moderate/Intensive Intervention Specialist, 2 elementary teachers, building subs, and a full-time bus sub. While we are still evaluating some of this moving ahead, the classroom positions are essential.

2.     Paying off the Elementary School – Next June, we will make the final payment on the elementary school. This will reduce expenses by $1.3 million in FY 2026.

3.     Revenue Concerns – I have mentioned for several months that the income tax will be lower year-over-year for the first time that I can recall. Eastwood is not unique in this regard as state income taxes are well below projections as are neighboring school districts. When I asked someone recently, their only explanation was that some of the adjustments made in the last General Assembly are contributing to this across the board. We are also awaiting some kind of resolution to the NEXUS pipeline, which does not appear to be in the near future. Even our state funding could see some declines as some of the guarantees that have kept this stable may be waning.

4.     Revenue Optimism – There are some hopes that in the last year of the forecast one of the projected data centers to be constructed on 582 may be completed. We hope to see some ground move this fall in what is expected to be a multi-year project. If NEXUS gets resolved, we should expect to see some additional revenue as well as some back payments.

5.     A need to be mindful – Our expenses have been increasing and putting us into a deficit spending mode. The needs of our students coupled with a very competitive hiring environment are putting pressure on the district. Managing this over the next couple of years is going to be critical.

That's it for today. Enjoy the long weekend everyone!


Dear Community Members:

I have a couple of additional notes for you. Please see below!

Eastwood Band Earns Top Rating at OMEA State Large Group Band Competition

The Eastwood High School Concert Band was 1 of 8 Class C Bands in NW Ohio from a field of 14 to earn a Superior I rating at the Ohio Music Education Association State Large Group Band Adjudicated Event held April 26-27 at Findlay HS.  This marks the third time in 31 years that Eastwood has earned a I rating at the State Level. Eastwood qualified for State competition when they earned a Superior I rating at the District level on March 15.

The Superior rating of a “I” (one) is earned for "an outstanding performance, with very few technical errors and exemplifying musical expression. This rating is reserved for the truly outstanding performance," according to the OMEA rating description.

At OMEA State Large Group, bands perform three prepared pieces. One of the pieces must be from an OMEA list of music which determines the band's class. A new piece must be selected from the list when advancing to the State level. Eastwood selected two new pieces this year.

The three prepared pieces are performed for a panel of three judges. Each judge rates the group from I to V with I being the best. Then the band is moved to another room for sight reading. The band is given a new piece of music. After only 4 minutes of individual study and 4 minutes of director instructions, they perform the new piece. A fourth judge assigns a rating from I to V. The four scores are averaged for a composite rating. Eastwood earned two I’s and a II on prepared pieces and a I in sight for the best rating possible of a I. The Eastwood Band is directed by Brian Myers and Jonathan Roode.

Congrats to the EHS Band!!!

4th bi-annual mattress sale - Eastwood Track & Field

 On Saturday, May 4, the track & field teams are hosting their 4th mattress sale in the high school gym.  The gym will be set up like a showroom and there will be friendly sales staff there to assist you.  Mattress sizes range from twin to California king.  They can also do custom sizes for campers and RVs.  They also will have sheets, mattress protectors, and pillows available to sell.  Mattresses will be delivered to your homes within a couple weeks and can be delivered anywhere in the continental US.  Financing options are also available.  If you know of anyone looking for a mattress please share the attached flyer with them. 

Take care! 


Dear Community Members:

April gives way to May! Will be a great final month!!  I have several notes for you today.


I will be recommending Nick Hannan to assume the position of Director of Transportation and Operations at the May Board Meeting. After current Director of Operations, David Hossler, shared that he wanted to return to his former position to Fostoria, Nick expressed an interest in assuming the role of both positions. After multiple discussions on how this would work, we came to an agreement and Nick’s new dual role will start June 1st.

There were several pieces that needed to fall into place to facilitate this move. The most significant is the addition of an experienced person in the transportation office. I will also be recommending that we hire Tammy Tapley as the Assistant Transportation Supervisor. Tammy will be retiring from Anthony Wayne where she has been their Transportation Director for many years. She previously worked at Lake in the same role and is widely respected. She is an A+ addition to our team and will allow Nick the time to work with operations effectively.

We thank those who were interested in our Director’s position.


We are extending the posting for a HS Head Custodian until Friday May 10th. We are looking to deepen the pool of applicants especially because it is likely that we will have 2 additional custodial vacancies before the end of May. Elementary Custodian, Tabitha Mihailoff, will become a secretary at the Elementary 8/1, and we expect another resignation/retirement before the end of May.

The Head Custodian is a 1st shift position and the other two will be 2nd shift slots. We will still have internal postings, but time will become a factor as we look to get our buildings ready for the 2024-25 school year.

If you have an interest you can email Gary Gardner at or me.

Please share with others who may have a skill set to be successful in one of these positions.

Have a great week!!


Dear Community Members:  Testing season has arrived. This can be a very stressful time for everyone. Please remind students that all we can ever ask for is their best effort.  We have a couple of notes for you today.


Our next Facilities Task Force meeting will be held on Monday May 20th at 7:00 PM in the Elementary Cafeteria.

We will begin with a brief update, but the vast majority of the meeting will be centered on a single question. What does a complete Eastwood Campus look like?

We are considering options for our middle and high school students now that our number with the state has come back up and the elementary will be paid off next June. Any project will impact the entire site, and if that is the case, we have to incorporate such a project into a long-term vision for our campus.

This is part of developing a complete vision for the district that includes facilities, instruction and the overall student and staff experience. Next fall, we will begin working with teachers on the educational vision for our students. There will also be a morning meeting where we will engage with all stakeholders in developing a complete vision for Eastwood Schools.

Data collected from all of these meetings will be presented to the Board in the late fall next year.

This meeting is open to anyone who may be interested.


The March Financial Report will be somewhat skewed because we did not receive our final property tax settlement from the Wood County Auditor. Typically, we have that in hand by the end of March. While not in this report, we have since received the settlement, and it is less than what was forecasted. We are awaiting an explanation.

It is example 2,146 of why you never take what is projected on the revenue side as gospel. We did reduce the projections for our budget, and it still may be shy. We will have more for you in early May.

Here is the FY 2023 vs. FY 2024 comparison through March.

Eastwood Schools Financials

Wednesday, April 17, 2024


FY 2023

FY 2024

$$ change

% change

General Property Tax





Tangible Personal Property Tax





Income Tax





Unrestricted Grants-In-Aid





Restricted Grants-In-Aid





Property Tax Allocation





All Other





Advances / Other
















FY 2023

FY 2024

$$ change

% change

Personnel Services





Retirement / Insurance





Purchased Services





Supplies / Materials





Capital Outlay





Other Objects





Advances / Transfers

















A couple of quick notes.

1.     We have still spent $185,365.87 less than what we spent last year through the same months. That’s good!

2.     After consistently showing growth since its inception, we have a slight decrease in income tax collections, $10,423.90. This has been growing for us consistently over the life of the income tax. We will see where things stack up in May when the final income tax collection comes in.

3.     We are closing in on the end of the fiscal year with 3 months to go. Not expecting any surprises although the final income tax payment is very important. Hoping for a good end of the year!


1.     Cheerleading Coach - Eastwood HS is seeking a qualified individual as Cheerleading Head Coach for the 2024-25 school year. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and three professional references to Scott Sorg, Athletic Director, at  Deadline for application is April 22, 2024.

2.     Student Summer Workers – We will begin reviewing applications for summer workers next week. Need any stragglers to get them in by Monday morning.

3.     Belmont Country Club’s looking for high school aged help for the summer. It’s early mornings and working outside. Other Eastwood High Schoolers have enjoyed their time working here. Please contact Eric Smith at 419-346-4347 if interested.

4.     Book Buddies Coordinator – Library

Employment Hours: Temporary Part-time (May - July), 18-20 hours per week

Salary Range/Grade: $14.00 per hour

The Pemberville Public Library is seeking applicants for the position of Book Buddies Coordinator. The Book Buddy Coordinator is responsible for pairing Buddies and Tutors for the weekly two-hour sessions, and for scheduling all programs. The Book Buddy Program generally runs 5 weeks, concurrently with the Summer Reading Program. The younger students (Buddies-grades K-3) are matched up with older students (Tutors- grades 4-12) for 2-hour sessions once per week at each location. Tutors may sign up to volunteer at more than one session per week. The Book Buddy Coordinator is responsible for recruiting Buddies and Tutors by marketing the programs to the schools and the general public. The Book Buddy Coordinator is responsible for training tutors in best practices for reading assistance. Planning and implementing a tutor training session before the programs begin is a requirement.

Interested parties can download a Job Application Form and full job description.

For further information, please contact:

Laurel Rakas, Children Services Coordinator - email:, phone: 419-287-4012 or Director Ariel Jacobs - email:, phone: 419-287-4012

Submit a completed Job Application, along with resume and list of three professional references to: Laurel Rakas, Children Services Coordinator at or Director Ariel Jacobs at Applications received by Friday, April 19, 2024 will receive first priority.



Congratulations to Sophomore, Soprano, Lexi Hoffman for being selected to be a part of the 2024 All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir! Lexi will take part in several choral concerts each day of the fair beginning Thursday, July 18th through Sunday, August 4th in Columbus! 

Congratulations to the following 7th & 8th grade choir students who participated in the 2024 OMEA District 1 Junior High Solo & Ensemble competition this past Saturday, April 6th at Northwood Local Schools!



Bryce Johnson, Baritone Solo, Superior (I) Rating

Max Newman, Tenor Solo, Superior (I) Rating

Elena Olivarez, Cello Solo, Superior (I) Rating



 Teagan Lloyd, Mezzo Soprano Solo, Excellent (II) Rating

Sophia Rankin, Mezzo Soprano Solo, Superior (I) Rating

Aine Rodden, Mezzo Soprano Solo, Superior (I) Rating

Grace Rudd, Mezzo Soprano Solo, Excellent (II) Rating

Amara Wilton, Alto Solo, Superior (I) Rating

Ellie Iiams, Mezzo Soprano Solo, Superior (I) Rating

Caroline Loew, Mezzo Soprano Solo, Superior (I) Rating

Austin Cayton, Bass Solo, Superior (I) Rating



 SA Ensemble (Addison Hannan, Ellie Iiams, Tally Jones, Teagan Lloyd, Elena Olivarez, Sophia Rankin, Julianne Stolar, Amara Wilton) Superior (I) Rating

Well done Eagles!!!


Dear Community Members:

Spring Break is here! Hard to believe we are 3/4th of the way through the year, especially when these last couple of months will fly by with testing, field trips, and warmer/longer days.

I have a couple of notes for you today.


 Eastwood Schools is looking for dependable workers for this summer. The pay rate is $13.50 per hour. This is a perfect summer job for students or adults, and there is some flexibility for hours. Individuals will be working on crews in each of the buildings assisting with cleaning and light maintenance under the direction of our full-time staff.

If interested, please fill out the following application:

You can also find this on the district webpage

Applications can be emailed to David Hossler at or dropped off in the High School Office.


The 11th Annual Eastwood Jazz Festival is Saturday, April 20th. The evening includes dinner and entertainment provided by Big Band BG and the Eastwood, North Baltimore, Otsego and Van Buren High School Jazz Bands.

Doors to Eastwood HS open at 5:30pm. Performances start at 6:00pm. The four course meal will feature a variety of slow cooked meats. A vegetarian option is available.

Tickets and menu

Dinner and Entertainment: $35
Entertainment Only: $20
Table of 8 with preferred seating: $245


The Eastwood High School Concert Band qualified for state competition when they earned a superior rating at the Ohio Music Education Association District Large Group Adjudicated Event on March 15 at Sylvania Southview HS. The Eastwood Band is directed by Brian Myers and Jonathan Roode.

The superior rating of a “I” (one) is earned for "an outstanding performance, with very few technical errors and exemplifying musical expression. This rating is reserved for the truly outstanding performance," according to the OMEA rating description.

At Large Group AE, bands perform three prepared pieces. One of the pieces is required to be from an OMEA list of music. This piece determines the band's class. This year the Eastwood Band competed in class C.

The three prepared pieces are performed for a panel of three judges. Each judge rates the group from I to V. The band then goes immediately to another room for sight reading. The band is given a new piece of music. After only six minutes of study, they perform the new piece for one additional judge, who assigns them a rating from I to V. The four scores are averaged for a composite rating.

The Eastwood High School Concert Band will travel to Findlay for State OMEA competition on April 26.


There is a flyer attached for the June Lady Eagles Volleyball Camp for students entering grades 3-8.


Horizon Youth Theatre will be staging the musical "Matilda" ON June 7th, 8th and 9th in the Old Town Hall in Grand Rapids. This is open to students ages 8-18 from northwest Ohio. Auditions happen April 1st and 2nd in the evening at the Woodland Mall in Julie's Dance Studio.


Eastwood Schools Financials

Friday, March 22, 2024


FY 2023

FY 2024

$$ change

% change

General Property Tax





Tangible Personal Property Tax





Income Tax





Unrestricted Grants-In-Aid





Restricted Grants-In-Aid





Property Tax Allocation





All Other





Advances / Other
















FY 2023

FY 2024

$$ change

% change

Personnel Services





Retirement / Insurance





Purchased Services





Supplies / Materials





Capital Outlay





Other Objects





Advances / Transfers

















The months of February and March are very similar to July and August, as these are the months where we receive collections from property taxes. Settlements can vary greatly depending on the timing of funds coming in from the county Auditor. So, I am going to set aside revenue for this month and look more at expenses.

Overall, our expenses are up $111,597.85 or .78% over last year at the same time. We did purchase two new buses during the month of February for roughly $280,000 which was a major expense. We will have a major curriculum purchase in K-5 Reading which will total $285,000 coming in March or April. This change was mandated by the state and will cover most of the program for the next 6 years. We will also be getting a portion of this rebated back to the district, but no one knows how much we will receive.

Other than that, our trend lines continue to be down year over year in most spending categories which is a positive.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable break. To those traveling Godspeed to you and your families.


Dear Community Members:

Hope you are having a great week. We have a couple of items for you today.


We have a ton going on in the coming days and weeks. The Musical is next weekend March 8,9, and 10. Please contact the HS Office for ticket information.

We have a number of Wrestlers in the District Meet this weekend along with multiple State Indoor Meet qualifiers. The Boys Basketball team travels to Liberty Center for a Sectional Championship game on Friday at 7:00. BEST WISHES to all of those athletes.

Next weekend we also will have our HS Mock Trial Team traveling to Columbus for the State Competition. First time ever for an Eastwood Team!

Good stuff!!


Just a quick reminder that we will have a 2-hour delay for professional development on Monday March 11th. That is a week from next Monday so coming quick!


On Wednesday morning, we had a train park across multiple roads in the district causing significant challenges. One of our buses was unable to move, and despite efforts from law enforcement to help the bus turn around, it had to remain in place.

While several messages were sent out via Remind for those who signed up for transportation updates, there were gaps in our communications. One of the remedies is to resend directions on how to sign up for Remind. While the directions below provided by our Director of Technology, Matt Bostdorff, are for the Delays and Cancellations information, there are other “classes” related to Transportation that you can sign-up for. 

While there is nothing we can do about trains who park across roads, we can do our best to make sure you are informed to the best of our abilities.

Parents, Students, and other Stakeholders

In order for Parents, Students, and other community members to receive messages from Eastwood Local Schools regarding closures, cancellations and the like, you will need a account.  Once your account is created, users join appropriate “classes” so you can receive school information using a unique classroom code.

How do you do this? has some excellent tutorials on getting signed up.  It is helpful to start there.  Please check this page for details and helpful videos:  -> Join a class – Help Center (

As an example, let’s join the classroom “Delays and Cancellations.”  The signup code for that class is @elsdelcanc.

There are 3 easy ways to sign-up for and join the class:

1.      Download the app for your smartphone (easiest)

a.      Visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the Remind App

b.      Open the Remind App

c.      Sign in to your Remind account or create a new account, enter the information as requested.

d.      Once logged in, use the “hamburger” menu in the top left of the screen, select Join a Class

e.      Enter the class code: elsdelcanc after the @ symbol

2.      Signup and sign in to via your computer

a.      Visit and enter the class code: elsdelcanc after the @ symbol

b.      Click on the blue button to join the class

c.      Enter your personal information to sign up or use the Google button to sign up with Google.

3.      Signup via text

a.      Send a text message to 81010 and in the body of the message enter the class code: @elsdelcanc

b.      If you are a new user, follow the prompts to enter your full name and the “S” for Student or “P” for Parent.  (If neither, just select Parent.)

**If you have read the signup instructions, watched the videos, and still need some help, please call our Tech Director (Matt Bostdorff) at 419-801-4120.


Please see the attached flyer for a fundraiser for the Wrestling Club.

Have a great rest of the week!


Dear Community Members:

Good Wednesday afternoon to you. Hope you are having a great week!

I have a couple of notes and some information from last night’s Facilities Task Force meeting.


Kindergarten Screening for the 2024-2025 school year will be on April 10, April 11, & April 12, 2024 at the Eastwood Central Office.  Screening times each day are: 8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Click here for the sign up form & details.  We will be welcoming the Class of 2037 next year!!


A quick reminder that we will be on a 2-Hour Delay for Monday February 12th for professional development.


We had a nice group last night for our Facilities Meeting. Please know that these meetings are open to anyone who has an interest. We have not set our next meeting, but we will be looking at May. 

Where did we start?

Earlier this year, the Board voted to work with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission - OFCC to evaluate our current facilities and to explore options with OFCC for renovating or replacing the existing MS and HS. We have categorized this as a fact-finding exercise. The district will be debt free in June 2025 after paying off the elementary, and with an option to work with the Commission back on the table, it seemed prudent to explore our options.

hat has happened up to today?

  1. We have met with OFCC twice with the latest meeting taking place on February 1st. The meeting focused on the process for updating enrollment projections and reviewing our current facilities to update the cost to replace vs. the cost to renovate ratio, both of which are over the threshold where they recommend replacing facilities. We also discussed and confirmed that if we move ahead with them, all qualifying construction costs will be co-funded with Eastwood’s share being 64% and the state share being 36%.

  2. We also have met several times with the architects who designed the elementary and have worked with the district since 2008. Once again, they have offered their services to help us navigate the process at no cost. 

  3. When you work with OFCC, enrollment numbers translate into square footage in a building. The higher the numbers the more co-funded square footage. Our architect helps us convert the total number of square feet into spaces for classrooms, music and art rooms, lab spaces for science, Vo-Ag and Tech Ed, offices, corridors, bathrooms, gym spaces etc.

  4. We have begun very early estimates of where we may need space in the building that is beyond what the state will co-fund (gymnasiums, science labs, additional classrooms for elective classes and for intervention specialists to name just a few). All space that is beyond the number of square feet co-funded by the state is called a locally funded initiative (LFI). That is all funded at a 100% level by the district.

  5. We had more than 20 staff members take site visits in January to six schools that had been recently built. This was simply to get ideas and see how other schools have designed buildings. 

Where are we going in the next 6-8 months?

  1. We have decided to work with a consultant on a process called Visioning. Visioning helps all stakeholders - teachers, parents, community members, and students consider what kind of student experience we want for our kids and how a new or renovated facility would support that mission. This spring, the consultant will be laying the groundwork with our admin team on the process and building skills within our team to help facilitate the kinds of changes that may be required.

  1. The consultant will facilitate the first visioning program with MS and HS staff on our Opening Day meeting in August.

  2. We will have a large meeting with community members, staff, parents, administrators and Board Members in September.

  3. We will also meet with student focus groups in the fall. 

  4. By November, we want all of the information from the visioning discussions to be compiled into one document for the Board.

  1. We will be receiving information from OFCC on preliminary enrollment projections. That will help us identify the preliminary number of square feet that we would have to work with in a new facility, and the amount of SF they would renovate if we went down that path. 

  2. We will continue to hold Facilities meetings to keep interested community members up to date with what is going on. We would like to find a date in May to meet, but we all know how chaotic schedules get in the spring. We will also update the community again in September as we go through the various visioning discussions and get some solid numbers on co-funded square footage. This will help us understand places where we may be undersized.

Have a great rest of the week!!