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Director of eLearning 
Betsy Hood

Director of Technology
Matt Bostdorff

Assistant Director of Technology 
Nick Schmeltz

Technology Department:
4800 Sugar Ridge Road, Pemberville, OH 43450
Phone: 419-833-6411

Eastwood Local believes that successful utilization of educational technology allows us to teach, learn and work more effectively.  It allows students to demonstrate creativity; to apply knowledge; and to collect and analyze information.  Technology also helps staff to make informed, data-driven decisions that will ensure our students achieve.  

The Technology Department is dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience with technology in the classroom, across the district and behind the scenes.  We are committed to working with staff and students to integrate technology to enrich teaching and learning, and improve productivity. We provide the technology tools, training and support for staff and students to provide an environment that will help Eastwood prepare students for the rest of their lives.

Supported by our community, the students of Eastwood Local have daily access to technology including a Chromebook, numerous online platforms and resources, and wireless connections. 

Eastwood Local Schools Acceptable Use Policy - Student
Eastwood Laptop Policy Handbook