Superintendent's Message

Brent Welker

Brent Welker


Dear Community Members:


I hope this email finds you well. I have several update items for you this week.




The phones at the elementary school will be down until early next week. We have some upgrades going on and there have been some complications. Please call our office 419-833-6411 or email the principals if you need to reach someone.




Just a quick reminder that we are still having our meal pick-up on Mondays from 11:00-1:00 at Eastwood Elementary School. You can enter in the parent lot and swing around by the cafeteria and the staff will be there to help!




We are still in a holding pattern. I was in a meeting Wednesday, and it appears that we will get guidance soon, maybe the end of next week. What we need to know is very simple:


1.      How many kids can we get on a bus? Transportation for our district is essential, and we have to know this before we can take any other steps.

2.      What will be the social distancing requirements? This impacts the number of students we can have in the building.

3.      What kind of PPE will be required? Big question on the minds of parents. Will kids have to wear masks and for how long. I know there is some significant concern on all sides about whether or not kids should be in masks and for how long each day.


When we get some of these answers, we will get to developing some hard plans and getting them out to you. In the meantime, the admin team is meeting regularly and working on a number of items including guidelines for online lessons and learning in case we have to be online for any period of time next year. We are also looking at cleaning protocols for classrooms and common spaces, daily procedures for students, and what might be considered a “New Normal” even with all students back in the fold. We are looking at ways to assess students when they return so we have an idea on where to begin since there will be gaps in their learning. Finally, social and emotional learning was a significant point of emphasis prior to COVID, and we are very concerned about how students will adapt to a return to normal school after what will be a nearly 6-month layoff.  


This will not only be a complicated opening from a health perspective, but trying to understand where students are at from a developmental standpoint and preparing to meet those needs will present an equal challenge.




To best understand where we are at the current time, I am using the comparison of the current fiscal year – FY 2020 to last year FY 2019. There are a couple of items I want to share with you and use them to illustrate what we are forecasting for next year.


Eastwood Schools Financials

Thursday, June 11, 2020


FY 2019

FY 2020

$$ change

% change

General Property Tax





Tangible Personal Property Tax





Income Tax





Unrestricted Grants-In-Aid





Restricted Grants-In-Aid





Property Tax Allocation





All Other





Advances / Other
















FY 2019

FY 2020

$$ change

% change

Personnel Services





Retirement / Insurance





Purchased Services





Supplies / Materials





Capital Outlay





Other Objects





Advances / Transfers

















1.      General Property Tax – While this line item is $511,124.96 over what we received last year, in October we received preliminary valuations from the pipelines that would have seen this number nearly double. Next year, there will be some changes to valuations that will see this increase but not as much as had been hoped for last fall. We also remain concerned about the impact of the virus on property tax delinquencies. We will know more in August.

2.      Income Tax – I point this out because it shows just how solidly we were doing economically in the state of Ohio prior to COVID. I have mentioned in previous emails that all of the revenue from this line item came from taxes paid through the end of February 2020. The fact that we are up $109,911 for the year shows the economic strength of our area. Due to coronavirus, we are anticipating that this will be down as much as 15% next year. We will see a significant drop in July not only because it captures three poor months (March, April, and May), but also because taxes do not have to be filed for TY 2019 until July 15th. We may catch up some in the succeeding months, but it will be a tough forecast for next year.

3.      Unrestricted Grants-in-Aid (State Funding) – This will drop in June to reflect the $325,000 reduction in state aid for May and June. We are forecasting another significant drop, as much as 10%, for next year. That will total well over $800,000 in cuts in state funding in a 14-month period. Has to be done, but this is part of our challenge moving forward.

4.      Personnel and Salaries – Because our teachers and administrators have agreed to a freeze and even a cut in supplemental contracts for athletics and activities, this number will likely be lower next year. We are also not planning to fill several vacancies. This will be an essential part of our budgetary future as we prepare to see the impacts of coronavirus on our district revenues.


Just like many of you, the coronavirus will impact our operations in the months and years ahead. There are many unknowns, but thankfully we do have resources available to help us navigate these waters. Chief among those is a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to serving our kids!




Eastwood Alumni Mick Foster and Chet Welch are organizing the first annual Eastwood Open to be held Friday, July 31 at 9:00 am. at Belmont Country Club Perrysburg.

Cost is $100 per person and includes range and all warm facilities and the meal afterwards. The proceeds will go to the Eastwood Alumni Foundation.


For additional details reach out to Chet 419-215-4482 email or Mick 419-348-4934 email


That is it for this week.


Enjoy your weekend!


Brent Welker, Superintendent
Eastwood Local Schools
120 E. College St.
PO Box 837
Pemberville, Ohio 43450

"Leaders create Culture, Culture drives Behavior, Behavior produces Results." - Tim Kight


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