Superintendent's Message

Brent Welker

Brent Welker


Dear Community Members:


I hope you are all enjoying the Pemberville Fair and the last weekend before school starts next week. We are excited to welcome everyone back! As with all year’s we begin with optimism and the hopes for growth in all areas. We can’t wait to be part of your child’s journey!


I have a couple of notes for you as we get ready for school next week.




We will have our opening convocation for all staff on Monday morning. If you call the offices you may not reach someone until 1:00. Please know that you calls are important to us, but these meetings provide essential information to members of our team. Thanks in advance for your understanding!




This year all visitors who wish to enter the school buildings will have to go through a quick background check using a new system called Raptor. Raptor will ping databases primarily checking for sexual offenses. You will be required to provide your driver’s license that will be run through the system in order to get a printed Visitor’s Badge.


If you do not have your State ID or Driver’s License you will not be permitted to leave the office and enter the building. If you are just picking up your child, or meeting with someone in the office, there is no need for you to use the Raptor System.


While this only checks a database of registered sex offenders, it is a start to make sure we screen potential threats. We will be using this with vendors and contractors as well.


For large events, we may not have everyone use the system, but we will have extra security present and restrict movement within the building. This would cover events like dress rehearsals for elementary music programs and Christmas parties.


There will be very few exceptions and those exceptions will require escorts and limited mobility.


If you have a violation in your past and suspect that you may ping the system, please contact your building principal and discuss potential issues and options.




Just like last year there will be a staggered start for kindergarten and upperclassmen at the HS. On Wednesday August 21st, only the freshmen will report to the HS and kindergarten students will report based on the schedule provided to parents. ALL OTHER STUDENTS start on Wednesday. Upperclassmen at the HS will start on Thursday.




This is not going to be a normal start for everyone as we are still dealing with road closures and construction. Of note, Front Street in Pemberville will be closed at Sherman Rd. on August 21st and 22nd for utility work. We will be able to get kids west of Sherman and turn around there, but we will have to go around the block to resume routes etc.


Mrs. Volschow has been in contact with the governing agencies to make sure we can get kids, but there is going to be a delay during the first weeks of school. We have been promised that 199 will be open at 582 starting on August 18th. That will help!


Please be patient with us as we have new routes, drivers, and construction to deal with. As always the wrinkles work themselves out over time.




Every year at this time we want to thank our summer work crews along with our grounds staff for all their work this summer. The buildings look good thanks to their efforts.




Open House for students in grade K-2 is on Monday August 19th from 5:45-6:45. The 3rd-5th grade students will have their Open House from 7:00-8:00.


Open House for 6th Grade will be on Monday August 19th at 7:30 in the Middle School. Students in grades 7 and 8 will have their Open House on Thursday August 22nd from 6:00-7:00. The High School Open House will follow the MS from 7:00-8:00 on Thursday as well.




The Middle School will be hosting a Color Run on Friday September 13th prior to the home football game with Maumee. There is a flyer attached with all of the important information. This event will help to raise money for the MS Eagle Way program and the Children’s Heart Foundation. Last year we lost Luke Haas to a childhood heart issue, and we want to help make sure no family has to experience this loss.


This will be a fun night for family and a chance to support some excellent causes.


Please see the attached flyer!


Hava a great weekend and see you next week!


Brent Welker, Superintendent
Eastwood Local Schools
120 E. College St.
PO Box 837
Pemberville, Ohio 43450

"Leaders create Culture, Culture drives Behavior, Behavior produces Results." - Tim Kight


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